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Founded by Richard Eng & Mia Katigbak

Artistic Producing Director: Mia Katigbak

Associate Producer: Peter Kim

Board of Directors

Eric Achacosa

Olaf Sparre Andersen

Richard Eng, President

Mia Katigbak

Lani Kennedy

Larry Schafer

William P. Steele

The National Asian American Theatre Co., Inc. (NAATCO) is a tax exempt (501(c)3) not-for-profit organization formed in 1989. NAATCO's mission is to assert the presence and significance of Asian American theatre in the United States, demonstrating its vital contributions to the fabric of American culture. We present the following repertory:

NAATCO puts into service its total commitment to Asian American theatre artists to more accurately represent onstage the multi- and intercultural dynamics of our society. In choosing the repertory above, we demonstrate a rich tapestry of cultural difference bound by the American experience. The enrichment accrues to each different culture as well as to America as a whole.

NAATCO performs this chosen repertory as written, with no forced Asian cultural associations. The repertory's importance comes not only through the valuable training it provides for theatrical craft, but also from its ability to reach across ethnic boundaries to illuminate abiding characteristics of human nature.

The superimposition of our Asian faces on a non-Asian repertory, interpreted by artists using diverse and truly universal references to serve the text very faithfully, reflects and emphasizes the kinship among disparate cultures. We do not say we are all the same, we say that we have quite large areas of understanding. We also say that affirmations of timeless values and new insights about old works can come from unexpected faces.

NAATCO was the recipient of the 2006 Rosetta LeNoire Award from Actors' Equity Association in recogntion of its contribution toward increasing diversity and non-traditional casting in American theatre.

Your tax-deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. If you work for a company that has a matching gift program for cultural institutions, your contribution to NAATCO can be doubled or tripled by including the appropriate form, available through your company, along with your contribution. Please send these to:

The National Asian American Theatre Company, Inc.
520 8th Avenue
Suite 308
New York, NY 10018
(212) 244-0447
info [at] naatco.org

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