With: Joel de la Fuente*, John Roque*, Mel Duane Gionson*, Joshua Spafford, Andy Pang*, James Saito*, Ariel Estrada*, Tina Horii*, Joel Carino*, Tess Lina*, Jennifer Kato*, Mel Duane Gionson*

Directed by Jonathan Bank


February 10 – March 4, 2000
The Connelly Theatre
New York, NY

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Production Staff

Sarah Lambert: Set Designer
Stephen Petrilli: Lighting Designer
Elly van Horne: Costume Designer
Jane Shaw: Sound Designer
Casey Koh: Flyer Design
Michael G. Chin: Fight Choreographer
Linnea Petruzzili: Assistant Stage Manager
Sam Rudy/Shirley Herz Associates: Publicity
Janine L. Pangburn: Stage Manager


Remove the appearance of sharp racial differences from “Othello” and the difference in the play is so striking that it makes you wonder how may other stories have been distorted in our imaginations by our historical obsession with race.

(D.J.R. Bruckner: New York Times)

In a period when just about everyone producing Shakespeare seems driven to update, rethink or modernize, it’s actually quite refreshing to see a version that mostly withstands the temptation to tinker.

(Les Gutman: CurtainUp)

Bank’s direction is clear, effective, thoughtful and thought-provoking. He’s given us an Othello to reflect upon, and in this day and age that’s no mean achievement.

(Martin Denton: nytheatre.com)

Joel de la Fuente’s Iago holds the dark hearts of the audience enthralled.

(Andrew Neiman: theatremania.com)


Tina Horii
Tina Horii
(Photographer: Carol Rosegg)

John Roque and Joel de la Fuente
John Roque and Joel de la Fuente
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)

Joshua Spafford and Tina Horii
Joshua Spafford and Tina Horii
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)

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