Tales of Unrest: Arsat (adapted from ‘The Lagoon’) / One Day More (adapted from ‘To-Morrow’)

Tales of Unrest: Arsat (adapted from 'The Lagoon') / One Day More (adapted from 'To-Morrow')


(Arsat) Amidst the political turmoil of 1890’s Malaysia, a noble warrior must choose between fraternal loyalty and his love for a woman. ARSAT weaves the art of storytelling, traditional Malaysian dance, and live drumming into a theatrical experience about two men whose relationship is at an impasse – their futures uncertain until they can resolve their pasts.

(One Day More) A woman, held in bondage by a tyrannical father, finds solace in her eccentric neighbor’s mad hope for the return of his prodigal son. The son’s arrival shatters her illusion of romance, cultivated by the father, when the son refuses to be bound by family, property, obligation, relationship, and responsibility.

With: Jojo Gonzalez, Kevin Bartlett, Lydia Gaston, Tim Kang, John Ko, Wynn Yamami, Mel Duane Gionson, Maile Holck, Jojo Gonzalez, Robert Wu

Directed by Christine Simpson

Directed by Jonathan Bank


October 3 – 18, 2003
Baruch Performing Arts Center
150 East 25th St.
(Lexington & 3rd Avenues)

For tickets, call (646) 312-4085
Previews: $15; Run: $19
Groups (10 or more): Previews: $12; Run: $15
Call Michelle Chen at (718) 623-1672 for group rates.

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Production Staff

Jesse Jou: Assistant Director (Arsat)
Ivana Cullinan: Dramaturg (Arsat)
Michael Jerome Johnson: Choreographer (Arsat)
Sarah Lambert: Set Designer
Stephen Petrilli: Lighting Designer
Elly van Horne: Costume Designer
Dave Morreale: Sound Designer
Shayne Dukevitch: Assistant Stage Manager
Sam Rudy Media Relations: Press
Ching Gonzalez: Photographer
Vince Hokia: Postcard Design
Karen Hergesheimer: Stage Manager


Tim Kang, Jojo Gonzales, and Lydia Gaston
Tim Kang, Jojo Gonzales, and Lydia Gaston
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)

Tales of Unrest: Arsat (adapted from 'The Lagoon') / One Day More (adapted from 'To-Morrow')
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)

Maile Holck and Robert Wu
Maile Holck and Robert Wu
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)

Tales of Unrest: Arsat (adapted from 'The Lagoon') / One Day More (adapted from 'To-Morrow')
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)

Mel Duane Gionson and Maile Holck
Mel Duane Gionson and Maile Holck
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)

Maile Holck and Robert Wu
Maile Holck and Robert Wu
(Photographer: Sarah Lambert)


Presented with Fluid Motion Theater & Film
Artistic Directors/Founders – Christine Simpson, Jovinna Chan
Producing Director – Michelle Chen

One Day More is made possible in part with funding from the New York State Council on the Arts.

Arsat is made possible in part by the Manhattan Community Arts Fund/New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

**Jonathan Bank is a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Inc., an independent national labor union.

***Tuan means “Sir” in Malay

An earlier version of Arsat was produced at The New York International Fringe Festival, a production of The Present Company, featuring Pun Bandhu, Jovinna Chan, Eric Hanson, and Kurt Uy.

There will be a short pause between Arsat and One Day More.

Special thanks to: Jonathan Bank and the Mint Theater, Christine Barratt of Tirec Corporation, Susan Bernfield and New Georges, Jerry Browning, Cathy Bruce, Ariadne Condos, Andrew Eisenman, Ching Gonzalez, Michael Johnson, Kathleen Eads Orbach, Jorge Ortoll and Ma-Yi Theater, Tan Ping, Tony Sachs, Stephen Stout, Ardelle Striker and Blue Heron, Jane Titus, Henry Yuk, and the original cast and crew of ARSAT: Pun Bandhu, Jovinna Chan, Maggie de Castro, Eric Hanson, and Kurt Uy

The producers wish to thank the TDF Costume Collection for its assistance in this production.

This production is being presented through a Baruch Performing Arts Residency to NAATCO.

The mission of the Baruch Performing Arts Center is to serve the Baruch community by fording ways to integrate the performing arts into all aspects of the life of the college, including the interests of the students, faculty, staff and Alumni of the Baruch Community. This will be done through programming and allied activities that support and enrich the educational curriculum throughout the college as well as by opening new areas of interest to promote growth of the students as individuals educated for life as well as work. The BPAC will reach out to the arts community and assist in the creation and nurturing of new projects and classic works.

Baruch Performing Arts Center Staff

Director – Eric Krebs
General Manager – Kathleen Eads Orbach
Production Manager – Ariadne Condos
Technical Director – Jerry Browning
Board Operators – Michael Ou, Archana Shenoy, Brian Sierra

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