Awake and Sing

Awake and Sing


With: Sanjit De Silva*, Mel Duane Gionson*, Mia Katigbak*, Teresa Avia Lim*, James Saito*, Jon Norman Schneider*, David Shih*, Alok Tewari*, Henry Yuk*

Directed by Stephen Brown-Fried


Extended through August 8, 2015
Mondays – Saturdays, 7:00; Saturdays, 2:00
All tickets: $45

The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street

To purchase tickets: 212 967-7555
or visit

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Production Staff

Anshuman Bhatia: Set Designer
Alexae Visel: Costume Designer
Gina Scherr: Lighting Designer
Toby Algya: Sound Designer
Barrett Brown: Postcard Designer
Charley Layton: Dialect Coach


What might seem the most noteworthy thing about this staging — that these are Asian- American actors playing Jewish American characters — is, in practice, unremarkable. It’s a classic American story, and that means that it belongs to all of us.

(Laura Collins-Hughes: New York Times)

In director Stephen Brown-Fried’s production, the dialogue and the play come vibrantly alive. It’s almost as if Odets’ language awakes and sings.

(Steven Suskin: Huffington Post)

Awake and Sing! is an American classic, and this most American of theatre companies does it proud.

(David Barbour: Lighting and Sound)

Clifford Odets’ Awake and Sing is as timely today as it ever was and thriveting production this company serves up proves the relevance chilling. This long-respected NAATCO gives Awake and Sing not only acting excellence, but set design, costume design, direction and a shared commitment that is palpable and exciting.

(Susan Hasho: Theater Pizzazz)


The Berger family: Alok Tewari, Mia Katigbak, Teresa Avia Lim, Jon Norman Schneider, Henry Yuk
The Berger family: Alok Tewari, Mia Katigbak, Teresa Avia Lim, Jon Norman Schneider, Henry Yuk
(Photographer: William P. Steele)

Mia Katigbak, James Saito, Alok Tewari
Mia Katigbak, James Saito, Alok Tewari
(Photographer: William P. Steele)

Hennie - Teresa Avia Lim
Hennie – Teresa Avia Lim
(Photographer: William P. Steele)

Ralph - Jon Norman Schneider
Ralph – Jon Norman Schneider
(Photographer: William P. Steele)


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